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The New DoersTV !

Welcome to the new DoersTV !  For many of our existing viewers, we would like to introduce a new format of our company.  Founder, Pastor David Wright, has transferred ownership of DoersTV to his son, now president and CEO, Joshua D. Wright.  After several years and much prayer, Pastor Wright believes that the leadership of the ministry was ordained by God for his son to lead and direct. Pastor Wright never had the desire to work in the film industry (his passion was always music as he was a music major at the University of Miami). 

At the age of three Joshua started acting and imitating Jesus in the feature film, Passion of the Christ.  From there, Joshua's desire for film grew stronger and developed as the years went on. It became obvious to Pastor Wright that his son was called to lead DoersTV through film and TV.

Originally launched September 15, 2009, DoersTV was an on demand Christian internet TV network that eventually added a live feed.  Under new direction, our new content will have every tool necessary to draw in those who love action, drama, suspense, and even horror, however, our standards have not changed. Our new emphasis is to spread the salvation message to the youth that excite, evoke emotion, and entertain without compromising the Word of God.

By providing many different genres, we dedicate ourselves to creating quality content that engages audiences who love movies and shows. There is a major need for exciting movies that draw in the youth without compromising or changing the Gospel message.

Our vision is to see millions of people tuning in to DoersTV from all over the world, and accepting Jesus into their lives. The films and productions will reach hundreds of millions of people and minister to many more. In the near future, we will create our own distribution company and feature films.

In addition to our movies, we will provide forums and guides for those who may be interested in creating film themselves. Anywhere from instructions or articles related to filmmaking to the history of film itself.

To keep up on all things DoersTV, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are coming soon. Welcome and enjoy !

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